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Best online shopping site always helps to choose the best quality, branded, trendy, fashion, unique collection, exclusive product by collected from the national and international market. You can emphasis your attractiveness in the next level by using our products. We ensure that our product are inspired by the people and world around us. Special, limited edition article that are listed By chinobazaar especially for you.
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Online Shopping in Pokhara Nepal

Customer satisfaction is our happiness

Quality never goes out of style. Be young, be Smart, be divine. Explore your true style. Find Your Inner Diva. Stay home & Shop Online. Each product is packaged and delivered with care. Chinobazaar Fashion Store serves the variety of product in Online shopping in Pokhara. It assures you that you will get an affordable price on the listed product as compared to the physical market & other online shopping sites. We hope You will give an opportunities to Seve you and provides the best services within the Pokhara valley.

It helps to make you unique, give classic looks, you can be a celebrity, you can found wow experience when you used Chionbazaar online shopping. All the items come at an affordable price, within the same-day delivery for Pokhara.

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Free Shipping Only for the Pokhara Valley. Order now, Enjoy Shopping Offer!
Our Testimonials

Chinobazaar is one of the best clothes, shoes online shopping site of pokhara. I am used to shop clothes and shoes several time from this online store.

I have found Brand., Fashionable items at the cheap price as a compare to other physical stores and website. I happy now and suggest to shop from Here.

If you want to shop Men Clothes, I am assure that you will get the best quality product at the lowest price. I have order yesterday at 8 o'clock, Arrived at the 5 o'clock at the same day.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery services in Pokhara

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Happiness. We Belive In Excellence Services, Realtime Delivery.

Order Protection

Your order is protected on your one click when you click on the Add to Cart button. when you make a purchase we did not allow anyone to make the same product purchase for another customer but only for a certain time. If you add any item to your add to cart we protected your add to cart shopping item only for 1-2 days based on product availability in our stock.

Easy Payment
We allow different payment methods for our customers to make their purchases easy and fast. Pay by person, e-sewa, khalti or mobile banking are our main procedural payment methods. We used an instant payment method with high security.

Product Quality Protection

The product comes to us from different countries and places with high protection.

Inspection & Supervise

Product and services are inspected and monitored weekly basis on Chinobazaar to ensure the reduced risk of delays & products conformity. Chino implements product inspection and updating methods to make your shipping fast, comfortable, easy, memorable with great quality products.

Partner Program

We always welcome any organization, company, social helping hand who want to shake hand with us to develop a healthy systematic, reliable, user-friendly business environment by protecting the user and customer data, privacy to pursue benefit for both. Please contact us, we are ready to be a partner with the small and larger firm and organizations.
we also encourage any influencer, v-blogger, affiliate marketer, celebrity, YouTuber to partner with us. We give different facilities and offer for them who are directly and indirectly collaborate with us for the mutual.We are going to partner with link building organization to enhance link of us for organic SEO.

Online Tracking

Order tracking is the process of monitoring order processing and shipping for eCommerce and communicating it to the customer so they can know what to expect and be aware of any delays. When giving your address on our site, it will track your order by searching your location and sending you a confirmation email letter. After getting the confirmation email you will recept your order within the same day for the Pokhara Valley, for more detail goes to Contact Page.

Fast & Reliable Shipping

We believe in real-time delivery so we strive to ship within a day. Same day delivery for the Pokhara and 2 days for outside the Pokhara valley. But our services are mostly concentrated within the Pokhara valley. As per the customer demand, we expand our services all over the top city of Nepal.

Product Quality Conformity

We give us all effort to make you satisfied. Customers make a purchase from different places to make success delivery, we have a quality protection system. Before placing the product in warehouse we check the minimum product quality requirement as well as prescribe features of the product then place in the product prefer-able environment. When we notice of placing your order, we deliver a product with Quality protection, safety rules, and equipment.

Shopping alert

Delivering the latest trending, New arrival products, services, and clothing industry new straight to your box.

Cash On Delivery

We allow a variety of options for the customer's convenience. Most customers choose cash on delivery so we want to make your shopping experience memorable by providing cash on delivery in your yard. Digital payment is also unfavorable in the context of Nepal. Customer prefers Cash on Delivery so Chinobazaar promise to provide the best quality, brand, fashion, and gifts items on cash in Delivery

Same Day Delivery

Chinobazaar delivers all the order that comes from the customer within the same day with great quality packaging services.

All Products

All the product listed on site is Our Own Product. So you can feel easy, we promise to serve your order within a time.